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Hiring Masterclass where we cover:

           ◦  Who & when to Hire

           ◦  What needs to be in place before you hire

           ◦  The strategy and top tips behind ALL of the templates we provide you below     

Hiring Assets (job description template, application form and interview pack) for the 9 roles listed below (27 templates)

           ◦  Operations Manager

           ◦  Operations Coordinator 

           ◦  Executive Assistant 

           ◦  Client Success Manager 

           ◦  Marketing Manager 

           ◦  Social Media Assistant 

           ◦  Copywriter 

           ◦  Web Design & Development Specialist

           ◦  Graphic Designer

Interview Scoring Matrix

Automated application and interview system that will save you HOURS

           ◦  ClickUp version

           ◦  Airtable and ActiveCampaign version (with Zapier template)

Email Templates for every stage of the hiring process 

Hiring Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 

Guide to where to advertise for your new hire 

Team Pay Calculator: to establish your budget for a new team member, plus tools to establish fair pay and client rates

Walkthrough videos for how to implement and customise your assets

→ Onboarding

Plug-and-play team onboarding system that will save you HOURS and ensures your new team member is set up for success, without draining your time (in 3 formats: ClickUp template, CSV import for your preferred project management system and Google Doc checklist).

Team Onboarding Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 

Company Handbook: your new team member’s bible on the essential information about your company, ways of working, expectations and key processes. 

Password Management Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): essential in protecting your (and your client's data) 

Time Tracking Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): to provide you with valuable data on your ROI for tasks and protect your profit margins

→ Team Management

A Team Management System that will save you HOURS - your bible to stay on top of the admin that comes with managing a team (in 3 formats: ClickUp template, CSV import for your preferred project management system and Google Doc checklist). Includes:

           ◦  Team Calendar

           ◦  Recurring admin tasks for your team and you to perform to keep everything running smoothly

           ◦  Team database so you never forget their birthday or work anniversary!

Role scorecards: to support high performance from your team members and provide them valuable feedback in a structured and easy-to-follow manner 

Team Feedback Form: to see how your team rate the working environment, check they are happy and what opportunities they can spot 

Difficult conversation scripts: which come with the territory of managing a team!

→ Offboarding

Plug-and-play team offboarding system that will save you HOURS and protect your business data (in 3 formats: ClickUp template, CSV import for your preferred project management system and Google Doc checklist) 

Team Offboarding Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 

Team Offboarding Feedback Form: an incredible opportunity to obtain feedback about what’s going well and where the opportunities for improvement are 

Offboarding Email Templates: to ensure clear communication and contract compliance

Not only am I saving time from having organised systems in place, but I have so much extra headspace not having to worry about missing things.

Laura Coddington

Founder + Creative Lead, Ocean Digital Studio